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What should I do to improve the quality of my writing in English?

English is not my native language. My primary education was in Hindi (native language). Now I am research scholar, want to complete my PhD. For this I have to write my paper in English.
I listen many English song, see English movie and and also read English news article. But written article by me is not so impressive for my teacher. Some time I typed wrong. there are lot of grammatical error.
Every time I get nervous to face my guide. I am loosing my confidence.
I don't know How I have to improve. I am doing my best to improve my skills.

please suggest some good idea as I understand basic English. So I don't want basic idea to overcome this problem like read this do this listen music and etc.
Hope I have explain my problem. if any other information you want please let me know?


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    Oct 22 2013: English is second language for me too and I understand how you feel. What I would suggest is to borrow sentences or snippets of sentences from intelligent writings/literature and put them together (I mean sentences that say about what you intend to say) Look then at these sentences and see how else they could be used to say something else. I tried at one point to learn some Hindi and I know how different it is from English. I felt for years that the incapacity to express my ideas was affecting my personality; many times I would say other things than what I wanted to say just because it was the thing I could say correctly, intelligently (not a bad way to handle if you can get away with it). In my case learning the language was a survival matter since I was an immigrant. I am currently observing this struggle on an exchange student from France that I am hosting for this school year ; he is trying not to translate in his head but to speak directly while his vocabulary is limited. He's been here two months and I can see already an improvement. It might be harder if you have the pressure of a deadline for phd thesis. Writing is much easier though than talking directly; you can proof what you wrote and fix the errors (make sure you always do that)
    This is what I could think to write from the top of my head but please let me know if you have specific questions.

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