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A TEDMen conference.

My explanation - I thought it would be interesting to begin a dialogue and see what happens. :-)

What would be the theme? How would it be beneficial to people in the TED community? Where should it be held? What would be good ideas for talks? Which individuals would you like to see as speakers?

etc. etc. etc.

  • Oct 24 2013: In most of western culture, the male perspective is the norm. We expect to see men in positions of power, as the dominant gender, as the first assumed identity when specific gender isn't known. Given the many cultural and social forces at work (language, institutions, endemic power/money differentials, for instance), how can we begin he process of creating a more inclusive norm? How do we get from "'first woman' something" to "'woman' something" to "person" with the understanding that gender is just one of many aspects of the thing itself?

    A conference that addresses the complex, but central question of creating a gender-neutral cultural perspective norm could help us address the barriers our culture provides for income inequality, eliminating gender bias in al its forms, changing gender-specific health care differences that restrict and regulate women in ways that they do not treat men, and a great many others.

    Include speakers from areas as diverse as the spiritual/religious arenas (including atheists, agnostics, humanists, deists and unaffiliated believers and non-believers), the political, the judicial, the medical and psychological, and academic disciplines such as linguistics and human communication, media and journalism, the arts and humanities, and the sciences and social sciences.
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    Oct 22 2013: You might get some ideas perusing through this conversation we had recently.

    I really liked listening to this talk, which was provided in the conversation:
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    Oct 21 2013: A quick amendment - Obviously the name of the conference suggests a gender as not to ignore the obvious... how might the conference explore the evolving male identity?