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How do we fix the sprawl?

I'm from Houston. Actually, just outside Houston, but near enough to it to make my point. I live in the suburbs. My city is very spawled. Once a city has already been built around the need of a car, how would/could that town "fix" the infrastructure to allow it to be more walkable? What's the first step? Who do I need to talk to in my local government to try to get these changes made?


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    Nov 11 2013: There is quite a lot of commentary that suggests that our urban sprawl and infrastructure is unsustainable at high oil prices. The current infrastructure was created on the assumption that cheap oil would be with us forever. We have plenty of oil, but will be 3-4 times the price. At that price, the current infrastructure and sprawl is unsustainable. We can't fix the sprawl, we need to change the paradigm that created it, to something that is more sustainable.

    The solution is to make the sprawl redundant. Society is structured to bring people to the "things" within hierarchies and telecommunications (information transmitted between hierarchies). The result is a lot of physical movement and the need for individuals to go to places of employment (typically aggregated within cities). The solution is to restructure human time and attention. We need to move all communities onto the internet which bring all wisdom (data, information, community, collaboration, knowledge and wisdom) to the individual and their mobile device. This includes the organisation (ie work), education, health, equity market, regional and global wisdom. There is a 15 minute video crash course at www.wisdomnetworks.im which explains global wisdom (with 30 networks in 2-5 years), the SHIFT and a video introduction to what a Network Society could look like. The result means society can become virtual and more sustainable with less pressure on physical infrastructure and resources because society becomes more virtual.
    • Nov 11 2013: Oil prices will keep going higher, no matter what we do. Thus, the free market will sort this out. Local and state officials can encourage this by extending property tax credits to prudent land use/re-use and doing what is necessary for good sidewalks and comfortable, usable, "non-ghetto-y" mass transit.

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