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How do we fix the sprawl?

I'm from Houston. Actually, just outside Houston, but near enough to it to make my point. I live in the suburbs. My city is very spawled. Once a city has already been built around the need of a car, how would/could that town "fix" the infrastructure to allow it to be more walkable? What's the first step? Who do I need to talk to in my local government to try to get these changes made?


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  • Nov 10 2013: There's hope! Check out my AtlantaTEDx talk on Retrofitting Suburbia. It draws on the work June Williamson documented in our book of the same name. I now have over 800 case studies in my database of dead malls, vacant big boxes, aging office parks, dying commercial strip corridors and many other prototypical suburban property types that have been reinhabited with more community-serving uses; redeveloped into compact, walkable places; or regreened into parks, reconstructed wetlands, or community gardens.
    Ellen Dunham-Jones, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

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