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Full Spectrum auditions: Open thread

We've launched our first-ever auditions for TED2012: Full Spectrum, looking for talks that advance the art of sharing ideas onstage. Enter by filling out our online form and making a one-minute video about your Full Spectrum presentation. For more details on what we're looking for and specifics on how to enter, check our blog announcement here: http://on.ted.com/FullSpectrumAudition

If you have a question about the auditions, post it here, and I or another member of the TED staff will do our best to answer quickly.

The video audition entry deadline is April 25, 2011, 11:59pm Eastern.


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    Apr 21 2011: Perhaps I missed this, but are we expected to fly out to NYC for the auditions on our own dollar?
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      Apr 21 2011: Hey Jason, finalists are responsible for getting to NYC on their own. If you can't make it, and have a great idea, make a video anyway and enter. We’re watching all the videos that are submitted, and if we love your idea but you can’t get to New York, we’ll figure something out. One goal of this contest is to make the world aware of TED’s openness to seeing new speakers and new ideas, whether through the May 24 audition or anytime via our online Suggest-a-Speaker form. You’re always encouraged to dream up new ways to share your ideas with the world. We always review every submission that comes in, and if it looks like a great fit, we certainly won’t let it pass us by.

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