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Full Spectrum auditions: Open thread

We've launched our first-ever auditions for TED2012: Full Spectrum, looking for talks that advance the art of sharing ideas onstage. Enter by filling out our online form and making a one-minute video about your Full Spectrum presentation. For more details on what we're looking for and specifics on how to enter, check our blog announcement here:

If you have a question about the auditions, post it here, and I or another member of the TED staff will do our best to answer quickly.

The video audition entry deadline is April 25, 2011, 11:59pm Eastern.

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    Apr 23 2011: I think these open auditions are a great new way to allow people like myself to share with a larger scope of people; our dreams, passions, and Causes. While my message is not per say NEW- as it is a timeless gem- My approach is new and exhilarating. Please share any examples of a 1 min presentation that you have received. Aha, here's an idea, go ahead and start posting the ones you have received. That way,, the ones of us who have come in thereafter can learn from the pros being uploaded??? Just a thought.

    Again, thank you for this honor and opportunity to perform in my own unique way through song, laughter, and lots of info.

    "E." Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!
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      Apr 23 2011: The submission videos are for internal review only. If you'd like to share your presentation with others, you're welcome to!
  • Apr 22 2011: Wondering why the timeframe for submitting an idea is so short? Only 10 days from announcement via blogpost to deadline seems a bit rushed. Trying to make it work but collaborating with others and frankly the timing is against us given Spring Break and holiday (Passover & Easter) travel. I'm not complaining but, well, I guess I am complaining. ;)

    Any flexibility on this? (Gosh, I feel like I'm asking one of my college professors for an extension to hand in a term paper!) Even 3-4 days would make a huge difference compared to submitting the Monday after a national holiday.
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      Apr 22 2011: Joel, we are sorry for the short timeline, but we have to stand by our Monday deadline. One goal of this contest is to make the world aware of TED’s openness to seeing new speakers and new ideas, whether through the May 24 audition or anytime via our online Suggest-a-Speaker form. If you aren't able to submit a video in time for this contest," -- just fill out our Suggest-a-Speaker form. We take the time to review every submission that comes in, and place all suggestions into our speaker database, so that we may consider your submission as we plan the program for future TED Conferences.
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    Apr 30 2011: This is great! Only wish I had something profound to say.
  • Apr 27 2011: Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Can u tell us how many videos were submitted and how many people do u intend to invite. Thanks.
  • Apr 26 2011: Hey!
    Will the video be valid if it displays the presentation style but not necessarily the content of the TED talk? I just tonight read through the FAQ sheet (I was an early submitter) and saw it mentioned TED was looking for the idea to be presented in the video as well as speaking style. Thanks for any help!
  • Apr 26 2011: Thank you so much for the open call! I submitted mine with the help of my Community College students who stayed 1/2 hour after class ended tonight to be the interactive component. Thank you for letting me model what I preach to them about their opportunities at prestigious 4-years - you can't get in if you don't apply!
  • Apr 25 2011: I submitted my entry moments ago. I want to salute the TED team for the idea! I've discovered there are so many people out there in the world doing interesting things, it makes sense to cast the net to find them. Several people suggested I submit as I've spent three years (and hundreds of interviews) on a topic of interest to me. I'm gratified to know others also think it's cool. Good luck to all!
  • Apr 25 2011: Hi. Just noticed that the entry guidelines named YouTube and Vimeo specifically. Why is that? Will entries hosted on another video site (like Livescribe) be valid?
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      Apr 25 2011: Hi Michael, as long as you can send us a link to review your video, you may use any site you'd like. We figured YouTube and Vimeo were probably the easiest.
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    Apr 24 2011: support
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    Apr 24 2011: 11:59 eastern.. Is that American? Ie. New York time?
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    Apr 23 2011: Hi Nick, sure am glad I came over here to check out the blog and get a few more tips of how to put this 1 MIN video together. I hope to wow woo and Lord how mercy- get ya'lls attention. Love the examples you shared some really great stories that were all at least 11-18 min long. Do you have any examples of a 1 MIN wow presentation?

    Waiting by - just found out about this and am so excited Im besides myself!
    thanks for any tips:
    "E." Michelle Lee, An Exception To The Rules!
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      Apr 23 2011: Hi E. Michelle the videos are not intended to be final products and they don't need to be professionally filmed and edited. Most submissions are shot on camera and computer phones. The 1-minute submission video is a chance for you to tell us about the topic you want to cover in your presentation, and also what format you want to present it.
  • Apr 22 2011: i have another clarifying question:
    Is the video we are submitting supposed to be a "trailer" of both our novel presentation technique as well as the idea? In order words, the 1min video is just an excerpt of the fuller presentation we would present at the finals in NYC.
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      Apr 22 2011: We're looking for a 1-minute submission that tells us what your topic is, how you plan to present it, and also how both the topic and presentation format relate back to the theme: Full Spectrum.
  • Apr 21 2011: What exactly do you mean by 'Full Spectrum'?
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      Apr 21 2011: Amanda, we're reaching out to the world, looking for undiscovered talent. In particular, we are looking for those who can help us continue to reinvent the art of the spoken word. We’re calling it “Full Spectrum” — the rich use of technologies, formats and styles to make an impact on an audience. And that’s what we’ll be looking for in this audition. Here are a few examples of how a Full Spectrum talk might look like (remember there are thousands of others!):

      - a ‘slide-blizzard,’ a presentation containing more images than words
      - a talk accompanied by an imaginative soundtrack
      - a talk given in front of a custom-animated movie
      - clever ‘choreography’ between a speaker’s words and what we see on-screen
      - improv / audience interaction
      - intense campfire-style storytelling
      - a brilliant performance (music, spoken-word, dance … surprise us!)
      - a rant delivered at blitzkrieg pace, an intelligent comic routine, a mystery
      - a remarkable new invention
      - or… just an amazingly good classic TED talk with an ingenious ‘idea worth spreading’

      If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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    Apr 21 2011: Perhaps I missed this, but are we expected to fly out to NYC for the auditions on our own dollar?
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      Apr 21 2011: Hey Jason, finalists are responsible for getting to NYC on their own. If you can't make it, and have a great idea, make a video anyway and enter. We’re watching all the videos that are submitted, and if we love your idea but you can’t get to New York, we’ll figure something out. One goal of this contest is to make the world aware of TED’s openness to seeing new speakers and new ideas, whether through the May 24 audition or anytime via our online Suggest-a-Speaker form. You’re always encouraged to dream up new ways to share your ideas with the world. We always review every submission that comes in, and if it looks like a great fit, we certainly won’t let it pass us by.
  • Apr 20 2011: I am 14 years old, but I've long been a TED fan and feel like I have a great idea/point to share. Would I would I be eligible to participate?
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    Apr 20 2011: Do you think proposing an alternative education system that is based on all the modes in which a child learns, a new curriculum, and even time frame?

    Would proposing an alternative education be worth TED's time?

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      Apr 20 2011: Regrettably, we're not able to respond personally to each suggestion that comes through because we do receive so many. However, we encourage that everyone make a submission. If you're passionate and have an idea to share, we'd love to hear from you. The 1-minute submission video is a chance for you to tell us what you want to cover in your presentation, and how you will do it (presentation style). We look forward to reviewing your submission!
  • Apr 20 2011: Hi... once again you have mobilized the thinkers... the fearless and tireless... huge congrats. I am wondering about team submissions. There is a groups of us at Pratt, graduate students who live and breathe TED ethos, and we have decided to not sleep, slack on our finals and deliever a video to you by Monday. Is it ok if we present an idea with a full team or does it have to be just one person?
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      Apr 20 2011: Haris, you are more than welcome to submit your entire group. Just make sure that your topic is clear and concise. We look forward to reviewing it.
  • Apr 20 2011: Are these auditions supposed to be for "everyday" people? Or, if we have a CEO/executive who we think is a great TED candidate, is this an additional opportunity to get him in front of the TED decision makers?
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      Apr 20 2011: Hi Heather, the auditions are open to everyone that has an idea for a Full Spectrum presentation. We aren't looking for any particular mold, we just want to be wowed!
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      Apr 20 2011: These open auditions are meant for everybody. If the person you think would make a great speaker wants to submit, have him or her do so! We're looking for unique talent that can help take Full Spectrum to the next level.
  • Apr 19 2011: What a great opportunity! What if we have more than one idea! Should the video now include all the details of the idea? Could the idea be a " TED Talk" !
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      Apr 20 2011: Neveen, feel free to submit multiple ideas. However, each idea should be its own submission, and each submission should have its own video. I hope this helps, and let us know if you have any other questions.
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    Apr 19 2011: I'm a student in Australia, have been checking out TED videos only for about a year now, and literally only just now signed up to the site and came across the announcement of audition entries for Full Spectrum - TED2012. In any case I guess this looks more like a passing comment than a question. I think what I want to ask really is, Is it worth a try? I mean, for me!? I don't even know how to make a video on my computer! Let alone making something that would be worthy of the likes of TED.. with 5 days to go, I'm actually starting to get scared about something I haven't even decided to do! (Sorry, this is a very insecurity-driven, hopeless, frustrating-to-respond-to kind of question) - but I figured there was no harm in asking your objective opinion.
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      Apr 19 2011: Mim, we'd love for you to apply. We've opened this audition to the world, for this exact reason. We're curious to find hidden talent in the world, and learn from the community what the possibilities of Full Spectrum can mean. Don't be discouraged in the slightest, we all have something interesting to say. We want your input!