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Is there a realistic approach to provide a "comfortable" way of life to every human being on the word? Can the Earth support it?

I'm sure you have, at one time or another, asked yourself how many earths would we need to satisfy the needs of everyone.
Or a matrix like infinite world will be the solution?
Science fiction has come up with a lot of ideas, but are we really getting closer or further away from eradicating poverty? and I don't mean just to ease the suffering, but to actually make it disappear.
Is money part of the solution or part of the problem?

Or maybe the world can handle us all and more!

What do you think?


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    Mar 2 2011: I have two comments…

    1. There is enough resources in this world to end poverty forever. The problem is that most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of only a small percentage of the population. For instance, in the US, 25% of the population owns 87% of the wealth. This amounts to approximately 54 trillion dollars. Do the very wealthy need that much? The situation is far worse in other countries around the world. If this excess wealth were to be divided more equally, say 50% for the top 25% and the other 37% used to fund job creating and technology producing enterprises. We could accomplish this in this country, not by confiscating the wealth, but rather by forcing the wealthiest to invest in the kind of enterprises I mentioned above. We would simply be forcing the very rich to do what they should already be doing since in the long run it will be most beneficial to them.
    2. We could do much toward alleviating our problems and poorness in this country by the elimination crime, which can be accomplished quite painlessly by simply eliminating traceless paper currency and going to an all-electronic system as the many Americans have already done. No criminal is going to take something that can be traced directly to him or her as any money transfer in an all-electronic would be traceable. Do you think any drug dealer is going to take plastic on the street corner in exchange for his drugs? Do you think that a street mugger would rip off a little old lady for a worthless piece (to him) of plastic? If you are worried about hackers and security, forget it. If the all-electronic monetary system were not as secure as humanly possible, the present world financial system would collapse tomorrow, as almost 100% of international money transfers are made electronically. The present cost of crime in America is approaching 1 trillion dollars a year. Can you imagine what half of that amount would accomplish toward improving our educational system?
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        Mar 2 2011: Hi Richard,

        I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean that eliminating cash from society would not prevent most crime; or do you mean than eliminating crime is a bad idea?

        Money which does not circulate in the economy cannot be used to invest in job or technology producing enterprises. What you suggest is the current situation which must be changed if mankind is to solve the intractable problems we face.

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