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Is there a realistic approach to provide a "comfortable" way of life to every human being on the word? Can the Earth support it?

I'm sure you have, at one time or another, asked yourself how many earths would we need to satisfy the needs of everyone.
Or a matrix like infinite world will be the solution?
Science fiction has come up with a lot of ideas, but are we really getting closer or further away from eradicating poverty? and I don't mean just to ease the suffering, but to actually make it disappear.
Is money part of the solution or part of the problem?

Or maybe the world can handle us all and more!

What do you think?


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    Feb 18 2011: Too much of the human experience is still about power and control. Money is a big part of the problem. We need new kinds of money. It doesn't make sense that the same money that is used to take financial risks in the speculative markets is the same money we use to buy food, shelter and health related services.

    If humanity continues to act like an unchecked biological creature then we will consume all the available resources and eventually have a massive die back. I believe we are transforming into creatures of consciousness who can mitigate our primal biological urges. If so, the carrying capacity of the planet won't be an issue.

    The key I believe is unlimited clean energy. The development of an energy source of that type will change the power/control structure of the planet and enable human beings to live rich live in the duality of the physical world and virtual worlds. Quantum computing and unlimited energy will give us the opportunity to create a vast virtual universe. The physical world then can be cultivated to meet our physical/biological needs while the virtual Universe will be cultivated to meet and cultivate our non-physical needs and desires.

    There may be a cascading problem. Who's to say that this world isn't a virtual world from a different perspective.
    • Feb 25 2011: New kinds of Money? That's interesting. How would that work? How would we define the scope of the different kinds of money? How can we get the whole world, or at least a good chunk of it, to trust the new money? Will there be exchange between the different monies (like foreign exchange)?

      It seems like an interesting idea. If a large population of people got together and rejected the current form of money, and then established an economy with a different kind of money, then they could assign value to different things differently in this new economy. But would junk food be more expensive than organic food in that economy? Can we use the new monetary system to make sure that it is, if, say, a majority of the population in that economy wants do do so?
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        Feb 27 2011: Sadish, you may enjoy following the work of Bernard Lietaer and complementary currency.

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        • Mar 1 2011: This is beautiful!

          But how to pursue it?
          2nd 'reading' pushed back arbitrarily to March 2012... and you know the ones PRINTING the money (profiting off it coming into existence, let alone lending money they've yet to print/back) are behind the bill's current condition.

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