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TEDitorials as student writing assignment.

I use TED in my classroom as a means of incorporating more writing into the science curriculum I teach. I ask students to view TED Talks (I pre-select and embed a new TED each Monday on our schools LMS -Moodle). Students are required to view the TED and then write an editorial to support or refute a specific point in the TED. Students must use information from an outside source, point of view from a class discussion, personal experience or counter-example in support of their editorial opinion. Students are assessed on their support for their viewpoint, writing format and grammar, punctuation and spelling. TEDitorials are scored on a 15 point scale (9 viewpoint, 6 writing). Students complete 5 TEDitorials each semester, approximately one every three weeks.
Students find them engaging, enjoy the writing format, like to share their own opinions and often pursue viewing more TED Tallks to expand their knowledge.
Writing in science, helps students retain information, increases science vocabulary, helps make connections to prior learning. Students who write in science tend to be more active learners and are encouraged to increase critical thinking and analysis skills.


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  • Oct 21 2013: Agreed - sounds great - How about adding debate? Randomly select teams (probably 2 members each) pro/con and let the class vote on who won the debate.
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      Oct 21 2013: That would be an additional way to bring TED into the curriculum in a very effective way. Assigning different TEDs to pairs of students and let them debate or even small groups of students and assigning them the pro and con sides, allowing them to watch at home, form their arguments , and present in class.
      TEDs are just awesome!!!
      • Oct 21 2013: will also help students to present, speak in front of an audience, and argue their points (which happens in industry) - one of my pet peeves - people not being able to speak and argue well. - 8>))
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          Oct 22 2013: Agreed, can kids today, communicate coherently without their thumbs.
          In my classroom I base the process of education based upon 6 C's
          Think Critically - Work Collaboratively - Communicate Clearly
          Develop Creativity - Embrace Culture - Utilize Connectivity
          The debate idea would work very well within my classroom framework.

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