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Optional course

I'm wondering if there is any good ideas about interesting English optional course we can open for our students in senior high school.

Topics: literature

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  • Oct 23 2013: Anna,
    Thanks to Mary's recent post, I have found 2 western style student stories from the reference web site she included in her posting. They are quite suitable (but need to be shortened) to play out in the class. Unless you have already had some other options, I hope you will at least look into the web site and find the following "books":
    "Second Thoughts" by Carol Moore.
    "Who did Patrick's Homework" by Carol Moore.
    If you think it suits your purpose, you could highlight and copy them into your computer storage, and later on edit them to suit the class presentation format at you leisure.
    Again, we are ready to help whenever you need us.
    For your convenience, here is the address in Mary's posting.
    • Oct 23 2013: Bart,

      You are so kind.I have found the story you mentioned. And thanks Mary,this is a good resource.I can find many stories in different levels. What's more,it's free.:) Easy to copy,print and restructure.

      I will let you know If I need help.

      TED is really a wonderful place where we can exchange different ideas in language teaching.

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