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Optional course

I'm wondering if there is any good ideas about interesting English optional course we can open for our students in senior high school.

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  • Oct 19 2013: Songs and to a lesser extent poetry. When i studied Spanish and Russian they did this. I have no natural talent to learn languages So it became jjust a way to learn about other countries. If you try others will try to speak in a language you understand.
    • Oct 19 2013: Hello!George.

      Actually I like poetry because of its beautiful lyrics and rhythm.The thing is I don't know how to practice my skills in writing poetry. So I can't teach my students.

      Not only my students,also for me,I have a lot more to learn .

      By the way,I'm thinking if there is any poetry appropriate for pupils around 10 0r 12 years old.Maybe I can study from this level.:)
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        Oct 19 2013: Anna, I learned a technique in a writing workshop.

        The professor took a poem's format, and then blanked out some spaces, and had us fill in the blank with our own words and personal information.

        The poem she did it with was Two Friends by Nikki Giovanni......look.......

        Two Friends

        Lydia and Shirley have
        two pierced ears and
        two bare ones
        five pig tails
        two pairs of sneakers
        two berets
        two smiles
        one necklace
        one bracelet
        lots of stripes and
        One Good Friendship

        In the workshop, the professor taught us that you can create a template of the poem with empty blanks for two students to compare each other and rewrite a whole new poem. As an extension activity the students can draw a picture of each other illustrating the poem. The finish product could then be used to decorate the class. It really makes a beautiful bulletin board.

        Here is what the template would look like:

        Two Friends by _____________ and ____________

        ____________ and _____________ have

        ____#______ ______adjective______ ______noun______ and

        ____#______ _______adjective______ _______noun______.

        ____#______ _______noun_____

        ____#______ pairs of _______noun_______

        ___#______ _____noun_____

        ___#______ _____your choice of word______

        ___#______ _______noun______

        lots of ___________ and

        One Good Friendship

        So a new poem would look like this:

        Anna and Mary have
        Two brown eyes and
        two green ones.
        Twenty fingers
        Two ponytails
        Two pairs of sunglasses
        Three rings
        Two i-phones
        Four bracelets
        lots of interesting ideas and
        One Good Friendship

        How's that? You can google children's poetry ideas and get lots more creative examples.
        Isn't teaching wonderful? There's so much creative teachers can accomplish!!
        • Oct 21 2013: not until now
          and nobody rides a rabbit
          But you are the champiion without a doubt.

          Actually i think something like this is a good idea as it is fun. Thanks for a link.
          I imagine that communication does not have to be perfect A few common phrases and Pidgen and gestures are often enough But more than that the kids in the link are having fun.
        • Oct 22 2013: Mary, Please read my recent comment on top of this conversation. Thank you.
        • Oct 22 2013: Mary!

          This is what I want. You know,I want to write English poems,but I can't. I reviewed some poems but actually I still don't now how to write a poem.

          Now the template and the way to write our own poem you indicated above is very useful. Although the poem is simple,it connects to our own experience and life. I like it.

          And I love the poem you write about Mary and Anna. I do wear sunglasses.lol
      • Oct 20 2013: Good job Mary M., but I mainly meant reading it aloud. There are many good collections of poens. Since it rhymes, it is easy to remember. This is true of the Norse Sagas, the Koran, and what I would call the Old Testament in the Christian Bible. The Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Aenid. But since they are working on English Anhy collection would be good.

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