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Optional course

I'm wondering if there is any good ideas about interesting English optional course we can open for our students in senior high school.

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    Oct 17 2013: I enjoyed Journalism, speech, debate, etc .... all the standards. I have often thought it would be a hoot to have a creative writing course. You could touch on all the areas like a short story ... One act play (including all directions, editorial notes, etc ... screen writing (the actual script writing) .... select a book and have groups develop it for a play or movie (general outline) explaining why they deviated from the original source. Have everyone write a daily (non-personal intimate details) diary just the events of the day. Show a TED video and have everyone write a review on it. Do a food review on last nights (or any) meal. Write a obituary for themselves summarizing their life to date. Write a commercial for their favorite product.

    The point would be to make all of these assignments as fun as possible.

    I wish you every success. Bob.
    • Oct 17 2013: Hi!Robert

      Thanks for your clear and detailed illustration.

      Your statement does spark my thoughts. Upon your ideas,I'm thinking of two. One is about food. I think in the course we can let students introduce our country's cuisine in English and get familiar with food in foreign countries.But the procedures can not be boring. I'm still thinking. The other is about advertisement. We can ask students promote one of their favorite products or their used stuff in the course.
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        Oct 18 2013: You can also have the students design a MENU in English, for an imaginary restaurant.
        They would probably enjoy designing it, and then you can act out a restaurant scene where some of the students are the waiters and some are the customers.

        Bring in real food for fun!!! Kids love to eat!!!

        Oh, and take pictures as you do the different creative activities.....you can then make a scrap book of the entire year of class and what a nice keepsake that would make for your scrapbook. :)
        • Oct 22 2013: Sounds funny!

          Keep in record.

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