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Optional course

I'm wondering if there is any good ideas about interesting English optional course we can open for our students in senior high school.

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    Oct 19 2013: Anna, I just thought of something that could be a real hoot. Just because we say "English" it does not mean we all talk the same ... British ... Australian ... and American in several different manners.

    Turn over several 3 X 5 cards ... on the cards would be a location Connecticut USA .... Brooklyn USA ... Texas USA ... a gangsta USA .... California USA .... Canadian .... Austrailian .... London England ... Cockney of England .... and so forth .... Then the teacher would give a sentence and the holder of the card must answer in the manner of the card they hold. The Texas card may include the phrase Ya All as an example where the Brooklyn card may use the term youse guys while the Brit may say I dare say ole chap .... The rest of the class must decide where this person is from ....

    Just because we say English does not mean a specific place just as we say Chinese does not define the dialect being spoken.

    It could be fun and educational at the same time. Good luck. Bob.
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      Oct 19 2013: G'day mate, that is a bloody good suggestion ole chap.
      Good stuff, eh?

      Name the countries where the English in those sentences originated.....tick tock tick tock....



    • Oct 19 2013: Yes,it is a good idea.

      Not so many students know such differences.

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