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Optional course

I'm wondering if there is any good ideas about interesting English optional course we can open for our students in senior high school.

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  • Oct 19 2013: I would like to suggest a fun course with material from several shortened school play in English for high or middle school children. Give them a week to study the play then act out in a class. The non-actors in the class could be asked to critique the technical aspects of the players, or suggest a related or similar play from a Chinese story with names replaced by English names.Students are asked to translate it into English conversation. (the teachers could help in this endeavor.) It will be more fun than merely trying to stuff more English vocabulary into the students' memory.
    • Oct 19 2013: Thank you for your creative ideas. It could be as a try.

      We can translate the Chinese story into English cause they are more familiar with our own country.In this case,they have more background knowledge about the story,which may motivate them to engage in the activities.
      • Oct 19 2013: Anna, I am glad that you like my suggestion. By the way, I was born and educated in China, and later emigrated to the USA at the age of 28. (I even spent a year in studying classical literature in Chinese.) So I would gladly offer you a free service in translating one or two Chinese stories into English. Remember, the selected stories must contain mostly conversation with actions omitted or skipped, because our purpose is to teach practical communication in English conversation, not the acting skills in a drama. (Also, this edited form is more suitable to be performed in a classroom.)
        If you are interested in my offer, please send an Email via TED with the typed story script in Chinese, and it would take a week or two for me to make the translation for you.
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          Oct 19 2013: Brilliant idea bart. If you do this, "translating one or two Chinese stories into English", please post a copy for us here at TED. I would love to read them too.
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          Oct 19 2013: If you want an editor to the story after you finish translating it, or you need help with an expression, let me know.
          Having taught elementary school for over 25 years I might be able to help you in any small way I can.
          Really nice of you to volunteer Bart. :)

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