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Do we lose our 'self' when we lose our memory?

In Philosophy, this is the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.

Do we lose our 'self' when we lose our memory? I believe that when we lose our memory -- from a disease (Alzheimer's) or any other reason -- we have no more identity because we don't know who we are anymore -- we don't have 'self' anymore. In a way, that affirms that only the self exists. We lose our 'self', we lose everything including reality.


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  • Oct 21 2013: My understanding is personality is the identity of self and it is through decisions and experience, plus genetic factors, that determine our personality in relationships. Personality is a vehicle gifted by the Original Personality and is the only possible method for recognizing one another after death. Lacking a physical body, human face and hair, the next life is in a new body not of human form and therefor personality is needed for identity.

    Personality survives death if decisions in the human life stage opt for relating to the Original One. I understand we do not survive if we are absolute and adamant to reject relating to God who grants us absolute sovereignty over our will. If we decide to reject, then the Judges on High recognize and respect our will; such a person becomes as though he had never existed.

    Memory is retained for those who do resurrect and self is reassembled by joining the soul with the Spirit fragment indwelt in the former human soul. The Spirit Fragment leaves when the mind ceases to function in relating to the Original One, but rejoins the surviving soul on the Mansion Worlds, not here on Earth.

    A sick and dying person eventually survives having made a choice to relate to God. The self does not disappear in the Universe of Universes upon becoming ill, but we all will pass through the "sleep of death" before resurrection.

    A concept of total loss of self is hopeless and offers no incentive for self improvement, maintaining hope and lasting confidence, nor does it offer lasting dignity. A provided plan for continuing life of adventure with the Original Personality with continuing new experiences is far more attractive. Faith is a big factor in choosing continuing life.

    In the last analysis, after all the debating points are made the only proof of God, the Original Personality can be offered in personal experience. Clear and honest thinking is necessary!
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      Oct 21 2013: I agree that we will have or regain our 'personality' on the spiritual world sir. But can you differentiate losing 'self' and losing identity Mr. Kurtz? I asked because it might make your point clearer.
      • Oct 22 2013: I see that self is your identity. If you survive this earth life it is yourself and your identity. Cannot two or more "self" persons see one another and also know who you are and each other? You are an identity to someone. An you will survive if your decisions are to continue relating to others, the Original "Self", the I Am being the most important One for relating. Since we are not omniscient, we cannot explain everything or all other "selfs".

        Becoming ill is not the end of self. Dying from illness is not loss of self for a faithful one who believes in the Original Self and accepts in faith a relationship. It is only a temporary sleep of death. One does not have to fear loss if one believes. We only graduate to a higher life and self continues in a new form. We are all highly valued on high and the Original One would not want to lose even one of us.

        Not to worry; there is provision for continuing life. Loss of memory does not equate to loss of existence.

        That is my understanding.

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