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Why did human beings evolve out such that it always wants something or someone to pray to?

Do animals pray? Haven't heard of that .. Why did our mind evolve out such that it needs someone or something to pray to? Is the highly developed human intellect pushing itself to kneel down before someone ?. After all, we know it is this intellect that makes us different from animals.
Why do we feel the need to have an extra something to hold on to ? to get comforted from ?. Why did we evolve like that and not the other species?


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    Oct 18 2013: Interesting question! I don't think as humans we evolve at all in relation to wanting someone to pray to. Unlike animals (though I believe they have their own way of connecting to their Creator) humans were created with that innate ability to remain attached to their Source (whoever you refer to as your Source). We are naturally inclined to pray to someone because we feel we are brought here for something great, for something significant and not just to add numbers to the world. We believe somehow that someone is responsible for us being here, in other words we acknowledge that we are not here on our own accords but someone (Got to me) brought us here and for a particular purpose.

    Now to fully know and do that purpose, we then are naturally inclined to pray in search of our purpose because once we know that we would be in charge of our circumstances and live meaningful lives in this world. Since the beginning of time (Biblically speaking because that is where I draw out my inspiration from) humans were created to remain in attached to their Creator, this was for their effectiveness in knowing themselves and living their purposes fully. Whether you believe in God or not, this thirst to satisfy something within will always be there and somehow you have to resort to something/someone whether God or some other idols as it happens in some parts in reference to the holy Scriptures to satisfy that thirst.
    Having a desire to pray to someone is divine and natural, we are created to pray and remain in touch with our Source for our benefit because without knowing and remaining attached to our Source we won't know ourselves which will lead to us living useless, meaningless and frustrating life. Humans in this regard of praying to someone have not and will never evolve because it is the way they are created, this is natural to us as humans. Yes the ways we try to satisfy this thirst might differ but we are looking for the same thing which is our greatness and significance.

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