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Why did human beings evolve out such that it always wants something or someone to pray to?

Do animals pray? Haven't heard of that .. Why did our mind evolve out such that it needs someone or something to pray to? Is the highly developed human intellect pushing itself to kneel down before someone ?. After all, we know it is this intellect that makes us different from animals.
Why do we feel the need to have an extra something to hold on to ? to get comforted from ?. Why did we evolve like that and not the other species?


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    Oct 18 2013: I dont think we will be able to anwser said question for many many years. We simply do not know enough, actually we barely know anything, about our own brains and all of their inner workings and potential. I wouldnt say we have evolved a "need" to pray, I suppose you can call it a want. Needs are food & water, wants are tv & computers, you can survive without a want, as people survive without prayer or a spiritual aspects, however you cant survive without needs. One could actually pose the same question about those 2 wants. As I had stated we simply do not know enough about our brains & that of the rest of the species in the animal kingdom. We dont know how brains really work, or understand all their processes, or comprehend their potiental. Also we dont know how our brains got to the point they are today. As of now the only anwser to your question is subject to an individuals own beliefs. There are a number of different possiblities for why we have the ability to pray & believe in abstract & spiritual things. Could be that it is just the way god made it, could be simply by chance, possibly as we became the dominant species on the planet and as our inteligence rose we couldnt handle or comprehend being the top dog above of everything and needed some sort of higher power to look to, who knows maybe its because of a genetic altering of our very first ancestors in the creation of modern man by acient alien space travelers. It all depends on what you think or believe in right now. Hopefully one day we will be able to understand our brains fully, their inner workings & reasonings, how & why they do the things they do. Then maybe we will be able to comprehend our ability and strong connection with our beliefs in faith, religion & prayer.

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