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Why did human beings evolve out such that it always wants something or someone to pray to?

Do animals pray? Haven't heard of that .. Why did our mind evolve out such that it needs someone or something to pray to? Is the highly developed human intellect pushing itself to kneel down before someone ?. After all, we know it is this intellect that makes us different from animals.
Why do we feel the need to have an extra something to hold on to ? to get comforted from ?. Why did we evolve like that and not the other species?


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    Oct 17 2013: I don't know if animals think if there is God or none but I believe they know that there is such thing as master and hierarchy. We as a human we were born with an instinct that there is God not knowing who is he.. That is why people are tend to pray to different gods or they make their own god. People are praying because I think when things aren't bearable anymore they always find comfort and hope in praying.

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