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How about CROWDFUNDing our own generated TED & TEDx ideas? They're not only worth spreading but WORTH CROWD-FUNDing too! YES? Let's do It

The world of TED is EXPLODING with IDEAS - more than 23k TED/x videos alone! The world of Crowdfunding is EXPLODING too - from $2.7 billion in 2012 to $5.1 billion in 2013 and what better, smarter and more forward looking 'CROWD" than the TED crowd? If we can INCUBATE, ACCELERATE AND FUND our own BEST ideas than we could have even bigger & better global impact. It is Like TED - Ideas Worth FUNDING, but better for the CROWD will decide those together with TED. Join me/us in making it happen!

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    Lejan .

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    Oct 16 2013: Our own generated TED ideas?

    I perceive TED only as a platform, a stage for individual ideas to gain a broader audience.

    TED doesn't generate these ideas, it only selects them.

    Shouldn't it be the concern of the individual idea bringer to decide if crowd-funding was a way to go? As there has to be someone to manage all of this and to get things going, it seems reasonable to me if this someone was the 'inspired' one rather than a vague idea of a 'TED us'.

    If TED was offering a 'donation' or 'participation' option to the speakers, combined with their videos, that would appear more helpful to me and a good idea.
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    Oct 17 2013: personally i salute you ,emotionally Peoples of ted inspire me ,is socially working good ,seriously it's better than nothing.
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      Oct 18 2013: TY Riadth - taken to heart and mind! I am also inspired continuously by TED & all the ideas generated that is why I am passionate about having those ideas implemented faster and in a more efficient way using our already built significant social network and forums and communities and TEDx movement. ALl that is priceless! Plus if we all together with TED co-create a TED Crowd Fund that will even further incubate, fund & accelerate many world changing ideas!
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        Oct 19 2013: Hello again and You're welcome Darina ,i had a problem with support of ted or peoples who is responsible about publishing Questions ,Debates and Ideas ,like something is wrong with this peoples i felt ,if you can do something for me cause i tried to contact them many times for to understand why and who is this peoples they dislike my questions and the problem for me it was worthy Questions to spreading like everyone is trying to give his best here and like i won't doing prejudgement i am always waiting to have the reply of my astonishment about the real Ted if it's some peoples they normally change the job if ted is really international or change their mind if wanna still on it if Ted wish to stay really international ,from above it is better than nothing for me now end thank you for listen to me if Ted can't change the seriously we're in the truth.
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          Oct 19 2013: If you want help from the TED staff to phrase your question in a way that works for TED Conversations, I am sure one of the staff members will help you. On this page , which I reached by following the link on the left under About TED Conversations, the bottom section has a red link that says "hear from you." If you click that, your question should get to the right people.

          When you submit a question, you might get a response that doesn't make clear to you what you could do to make your question understandable and productive for the community here. When this happens, you need to ask for clarification until you understand what you need to do.

          It is like at work the way sometimes a person submits something and someone else asks for changes to make it a little better and a little clearer before it moves forward.

          Try not to think of it as disliking your question. Maybe they need your help understanding your question better.

          I don't work for TED. I just try to help people find what they need when they are here. I hope this helps.
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        Oct 19 2013: your solicitude honoring you .Thank you very much.
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    Oct 21 2013: What are the benefits of having funds? I believe the incentive is extremely high among us here on TED. What about donations of ideas, technology, knowledge, and materials instead of funds?
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      Nov 6 2013: Whisky Delta - crowdfunding is usually associated with funds mostly but it can be applied to all those as well. There are a number of companies out there offering technology partnership and knowledge transfer and I think it is a great idea to offer ALL those options as possible donations, right next to each idea, video & project. TY!
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    Oct 20 2013: Finally Fritzie....just as much action as talk, hopefully. Just what I was talking and questioning about a month or so ago :)

    I want to be the first to fly a 3D printed airframe from plastic waste. :B
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      Oct 20 2013: It was only lucky that I saw your post, Whisky, as it was not a "reply" to me.

      You might want to check out, where they start to describe the ted,com rebuild that has been going on for some time and is starting to be rolled out in test mode soon- next month, I think. One of the things that they responded to from their surveys of lots of TEDsters is the request to make it easier to follow on a talk with action.

      We will very soon see what they have been building over the last many months to update the coding of the site and add capabilities such as this.

      Here is from June Cohen, Executive Producer of TED Media: and particularly:

      " + When a talk inspires you, you want to do something about it.

      It may be the thing we heard most clearly and consistently from our users: When they love a talk, it’s not enough to just watch it. They want to do something. Not only did they want action steps, they wanted jumping-off points for further research, and other ways to feed their curiosity. We’re working to create deeper ways to engage users with talks, speakers and ideas, by discussing, learning more, or taking action."
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        Oct 20 2013: I know Fritzie, I like taking chances. Now I reply. :)

        Nice history in the link. Netflix was the wire to Ted for me.

        The amount of learning generated in the many talks is broad. There is much to choose from to the point it becomes difficult to choose which one's will grab my attention the most. Is there anyway to group these targets together in common interests? I don't know, maybe less stage talk numbers and more uniting of common ideas and doings under each talk. I'm sure someone thought of this already and said this. I don't know, how do you unite people of common interest from another part of the globe in a piratical way? Someone just mentioned the 4,000mph magnetic monorail in a recent thread. :)
        How do we make this practical is the big question. How could funding help? Just a dumb question worth knowing the answer to I guess.
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          Oct 20 2013: Have you noticed on the talks page the Playlists? Some are some person's favorites but many are grouped by topic/target like Addressing Poverty or What is wrong with what we eat.

          Here is the list of the 72 playlists curated by TED staff of interrelated talks:

          When I first came to TED almost exactly two years ago, I used to go from this indexing system to listen to all the talks I wanted to hear on a topic:

          At that time I started by listening to all the talks on creativity, because that is a central interest to me. I am working on other topics of central interest to me by starting with the topic in the index and then looking at the list of talks for that topic and making selections.

          Some areas of particular popular interest may get grouped together in an even more focused way. For example, let's say you were interested in healthy, sustainable cities. There is a separate TEDCity website from which you can hear the entire conference archive from last month's event: And, presented a bit differently:
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    Oct 16 2013: TY for your valuable comments Lejan & Fritzie!
    Here are my points in response to the ones you raised:
    1. TED can offer a crowdfunding platform of its own that is optional to use
    2. Each speaker and idea bringer chooses whether to participate or not and how
    3. There could be "donation' &/or "particpation options next to each talk & member
    4. By contributing any amount the donor 'votes' monetarily too to support an idea & its implementation
    5. By proactively offering the 'crowdfunding' option there are no promises made nor guarantees given
    6. Similar to the success of the OTP (global translation program) TED Crowdfunding can accelerate ideas and bring to life dramatically faster and with wider TED comunities support and particpation

    Just imagine if we were waiting on each speaker to translate their own talk, how many of them would have been translated and available to the world today? With the right intentions, team and support including from the VERY pro-active TEDx organizers this whole new 'monetization and acceleration' of ideas worth funding can take TED to a whole new level, literally a quantum leap ahead just like TEDx delivered.

    And it is wonderful to see that some of them are going that route anyway, but why not reach out to the larger educated, informed, affluent, caring global TED members and audience and offer them to not only spread the ideas but also support them monetarily if they so choose.

    Let's continue this great conversation! Thank you for your great input & ideas!
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      Lejan .

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      Oct 16 2013: Now that is what I call a perfect idea!

      Some questions:

      - Would the TED Crowd Fund option be a non-profit service? (Which I would highly recommend)

      - Would the TED Participation option provide some sort of 'team work software' so that those people could 'donate' their time and creativity to tasks of a project who could otherwise not be present?

      - And do you let the 'idea bringer' get away so easily with 'just' their talks? ;o)
      One of the most inspirational aspects of crowd-funding sites are the 'promotion videos' in which the inventors, designers and other creative people present their concepts. In combination with their TED talks, this would deepen the subject, focus the goals and plot the first steps of its realization.

      Over all, this would be way bigger than any quantum leap, which are actually pretty tiny, and would rather measure in light year distances ... :o)
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        Oct 18 2013: TY Lejan!

        I LOVE your idea about the donation of time and creativity and why not even social capital!
        And of course the speakers themselves can have a very active role in the process too.
        Absolutely HUGE Impact - for TEDsters, TED itself and the whole World for that matter for
        ALL those incredible ideas will start coming to life not after years, but after days or weeks!
        Let' s keep brainstorming and sharing with others too! Great momentum already!
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          Oct 19 2013: By the impressive quantity of your TED badges you seem to be highly involved with TED, which makes me wonder if your idea is a personal one or already on TED's to do list?
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        Oct 20 2013: Lejan,

        Despite my many TED badges I am JUST and PROUDLY so a Volunteer. No TED staff badge as you can see and yes this is my personal idea and I was going to present it to TED staff too after seeing what is the response from the bigger community here. TY for your ideas an support Lejan!
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          Oct 20 2013: Good luck Darina and much success for you and your beautiful idea!
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    Oct 16 2013: One thing I have found useful that connects with your idea is that every TED speaker has a link to his/her bio, which also includes a website link to that person's projects.

    Depending on what the person does, there will often be opportunities on the website to contribute.

    Have you checked out that avenue? When an idea really captivates me, I know I follow the speaker's bio to the website and often read further work.

    For example, if you liked what Ron Finley is doing with growing food on LA streets, you can click right on the page with his talk on his bio (red link), where you will find he has a website There you can find all the ways you can help in addition to lots of accounts of what they are doing.

    Similarly, if you were inspired by Bono's work related to poverty, you can find on his bio a link to, where you can see easy opportunities to send letters to causes they support or to contribute.

    I picked those randomly. You should check out other talks that inspired you to provide support!

    In your idea, what do you mean by "the crowd will decide those together with TED?" For example, you mention 23k TEDx talks, which are not curated by TED itself.