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I am losing my faith in humanity. How can I restore it?

Most of the things that I see and heard is how evil humans are toward each other. Human in nature are evil and selfish though I know there are still good but it seems like evil outweigh good. Lately there are things happen in my life which lessen my belief on positive things and losing my faith in humanity. Of course there is a part of me that don't want this to happen but my reasons why I should trust again is shattering.


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    Oct 19 2013: I think that you first need to state what aspects of humanity you're loosing your faith in. Is it war or poverty or the environment?
    Have you come to believe that humans are initially bad?

    Please do tell, I think that I might have a mind-cure for any of them and many others. (as I've been where you are)
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      Oct 21 2013: Before I always believe that humans are good even though I have been experiencing how selfish, full of crab mentality people are and it's a risk to trust. Well I guess I become tired in believing that there is something good in them despite of everything and yeah seeing and knowing that there is war, poverty, and elusive justice adds my depression.
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        Oct 21 2013: Hi Doris,
        Jimmy asks some good questions, which you can ask yourself. If you genuinely want to restore your faith, it might be helpful to be clear about what you are really losing faith with.

        You write... "...I know there are still good but it seems like evil outweigh good". What we focus on expands in our mind. If you know there is still good in our world.....focus on it....recognize it....believe in it.

        Start with yourself. You are part of humanity. Do you believe there is something good about you? I bet there is! If we can recognize good in our "self", it may be easier to believe that many other people share that goodness as well.....make any sense?

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