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I am losing my faith in humanity. How can I restore it?

Most of the things that I see and heard is how evil humans are toward each other. Human in nature are evil and selfish though I know there are still good but it seems like evil outweigh good. Lately there are things happen in my life which lessen my belief on positive things and losing my faith in humanity. Of course there is a part of me that don't want this to happen but my reasons why I should trust again is shattering.


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    Oct 20 2013: You can try to find any inspirations outside... If you lived by experience and feelings the "bad side" of humans, and so humanity... You must to go at the very middle of yourself to recover it. This "being" of the middle of yourself is the only one who can restore it. If i were you, i would enter in contact with a spiritual personn. I'm sure in your country (philippines) you have this sort of people. This kind of people who open your soul in two in front of you and show you, Life, Infinite, and Beauty and place it right into your heart. Please, hang on, Sister. From the other part of the World, France, in the middle of the fields and the forest, Vanina.

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