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Is Internet Voting Inevitable?

How might the internet alter U.S. democratic institutions, including how Americans get information about and even vote for their public officials in general elections, has been the subject of much debate in recent months. Online voting is one of the most controversial aspects in this debate- a subject that began in March 2000 when the Arizona Democratic Party allowed for the first time remote Internet voting in its presidential primary race.

The prospect of being able to vote "in your pajamas," as its been described captured the imagination of political leaders, technology innovators, and voters around the world.

Is internet voting inevitable? Do you think people should be forced to assemble at polling places in order to cast their ballots? Is there benefits from entering the "public sphere?"


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    Oct 24 2013: Just to re-iterate:

    all the chatter about security issues is nonsense, it is a red herring. The financial community moves trillions of dollars around the planet every day using the Net and there is no group more paranoid that they might be hacked than those that deal with money.

    The greatest barrier to online voting will be the vested interests of the existing system and those who do not welcome change.
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      Oct 25 2013: There are regular scams in financial transfers. Millions of dollars go missing every day, but do so in very subtle ways. If internet voting is to occur it will need to start at a local level and work its way up. Otherwise you will have one massive internet vote every four years, so the hackers will have four years to work out how to minipulate the result. As you say banks etc are using the net 24/7 and have full time security staff but they still get hacked.
    • Oct 25 2013: Voter fraud is an unfortunate reality, even though it is not widespread in America (except Chicago!), those who do it will no doubt target online voting, just as they do with the conventional system.
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      Oct 30 2013: Glad to hear that security is a red herring ... I can stop worrying about NSA now ... the internet is secure.

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