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Big bang is out!,

Lets look at the big bang from a distance. Outer space!, if you were to explode a large planet or sun, what would the pieces look like? Sharp, jagged pieces of rocks and debris, right??? The planets in our solor system are round and not sharp or jagged. Why? God!! He is the intelligence that magnificantly designed our place of existance. Imagine living on a sharp, jagged rock, you would fall off every edge that you walked over to. Water would run off the edges etc.... I have blown up stuff as a kid and never saw a piece of material perfectly round after detonation. Agree? God, jesus and all we have been taught as a child exsist. I believed as a child in Santa, the Easter bunny, tooth fairy but learned that my parents were all of them. Why is it that so many people still believe in god and visit Rome every year and many religous sites if they did not believe in a supreme being? Life after death....sounds crazy I know, but this cant be the only stop before the end. Why go through life to learn, live, suffer and die just to be eaten by worms and be forgotton unless, " there is more to it!!" Please comment.


Closing Statement from Dave McManus

Well, now that all the college educated scientists put their opinions in, I will say this. Yes, there is science behind every origin or birth of a planet, person, animal or what have you, but behind science, there is god. God allowed the science to take place to start the b.b or any other birth of a gallaxy, person, star, planet etc....but when god meets each of you down the road, you better tell him that you were always believing in him, just trying to figure out how he did it.. He may laugh and he may push the down button, but god is the real scientist that has figured it all out. You college people that have spent years exhausting theories, may never know the real answer when it has been in front of your noses all along!! ;-)

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    Adam G

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    Oct 16 2013: As someone said some time ago... We don't know a millionth of one percent about anything.
    True is that we are and probably will always be not knowing everything, we are living in 21 century and we think we are very modern, with all that great technology, knowing all our history all the way to the Big bang still thinking that there was nothing before that... What's the true ? No one knows.
    Good we are still looking for the true true, whatever that may be.

    I don't know if God designed us, the universe and everything I don't think so unless he designed us to think like that.

    Anyway -

    - Why not existence of perfectly round things after explosion are proof of God designing everything ?
    - Life is very simple for nature and maybe only we think because of our evolved brain that there is more to it ?

    Interesting Discussion and I think that what philosopher tried to answer since ancient times...

    The big bang itself, I don't think such thing actually happened but you never know...

    My comment about After life from http://www.ted.com/conversations/20752/what_do_you_think_happens_afte.html

    As there is no correct answer for this, everyone will give you their own point of view. That depend on lots of things. At some point we probably will find the true true about afterlife, hope so.

    My point of view is that when you die it will be like falling asleep, for you it will be just minutes, maybe hours, for those alive, might be days, years, millennia and then you will live again, maybe as a person, child, where you wont remember much as you probably don't at the moment, [what's your earliest memory?] or maybe as some other creature, maybe on the other planet.

    The true is, I don't know, but that what I think will happen.

    I think important thing is to remember that we will all die at some point, Memento Mori.

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