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Is racism behind the strident opposition to President Barack Obama?

Every U.S. President faces criticism and resistance, but I don't remember anyone asking to see Bill Clinton's birth certificate.
It seems part of the political discourse in the U.S. to insist Obama is a Muslim (it's telling in itself that this is a curse word among conservatives), un-American in background and character, or even to wave the Confederate flag in front of the White House, which is way behind code for Jim Crow sentiment.
Obama has had his failings--inexperienced when first elected, promises unkept, dithering on crucial issues, failed program delivery.
But are some of his failures the result of intransigence by hardline opponents, their absolute denial of his presidency despite two elections?
Do his shortcomings deserve the deep enmity, the instinctive resistance to everything he stands for or proposes?
Actor/director Robert Redford says some members of Congress are trying to "paralyze the system. There's probably some racism involved, which is really awful."
Meanwhile, critics like Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert accuse Obama
himself of "stirring up racial tension and violence."
I'm not suggesting everyone who opposes Obama is racist, but are some of his political foes in Congress in that camp? And do others provide comfort and support to the millions of Americans who are?


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  • Oct 21 2013: Sid,
    First of all, why is it impossible, or should it take several years for Obama to produce a birth certificate?
    If there was a doubt about his eligibility, then it is fair to have him, like any other candidate, prove his citizenship.
    That, I believe has nothing to do with racism per se, although there may be some for whom this is true.
    The story of the law involved is bogus, IMO because this person was running for the Presidency!!
    This was a matter of national concern and urgency, yet when one downloads it and opens in Adobe Illustrator, it is filled
    with layer after layer of information rather than being one document. It has been drastically altered and is most likely
    a fake.
    I know of only one candidate who tried to come out of nowhere and run for the presidency and his career was ruined for 25-30 years before he was able to climb back to a Mayoral office and now a Governor.
    Obama came out of nowhere.
    Obama is a Manchurian Candidate and U.S. citizens are Manchurian Citizens.
    The Conservatives in Amerika are still devoutly and deeply racist and keep it well-hidden.
    The surface is only what we see and is only a game to keep the populace talking
    about things rather than doing something about the state of the Un-united States.
    Politicians for the most part, are all part of one big camp.
    I believe nothing any of them say. I believe that is the only prudent, wise and sensible
    way to handle their words. They never keep promises, Charley Brown, so stop lying
    to yourselves (Americans), that some day they will.
    At present, there is virtually no politician in American't who deserves respect, trust or support.

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