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First time planning a TEDx event here in Ottawa. Any tips/suggestions on how to make it a successful one?

I've been a fan of TED for some time, so naturally I'm very excited to be able to bring a talk to my community here in Ottawa. However, it's my first time planning such an event. Furthermore, I'm currently a student so budgeting may be difficult. My friend and I are planning the theme to revolve around Youth Empowerment, and we already have a good idea of who we would like to invite to speak. But, to those of you out there who have hosted a TEDx event before: have any tips, suggestions, or things to avoid when organizing an event like this? Any advice would be fantastic!

Thanks so much, and wish me luck!

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  • Nov 11 2013: First, take care of your team, you should select smart, hard-worker and committed people. Think about the speakers, try to choose a unique ones who really have something good to share. Try to ask a near TEDx organizers.

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