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First time planning a TEDx event here in Ottawa. Any tips/suggestions on how to make it a successful one?

I've been a fan of TED for some time, so naturally I'm very excited to be able to bring a talk to my community here in Ottawa. However, it's my first time planning such an event. Furthermore, I'm currently a student so budgeting may be difficult. My friend and I are planning the theme to revolve around Youth Empowerment, and we already have a good idea of who we would like to invite to speak. But, to those of you out there who have hosted a TEDx event before: have any tips, suggestions, or things to avoid when organizing an event like this? Any advice would be fantastic!

Thanks so much, and wish me luck!

  • Oct 16 2013: I have not hosted an event, but I have a couple suggestions:

    1. Get fresh butter tarts each day and have them available to all your volunteers.

    2. As attendees to talk to the people the meet in the shops, restaurants, hotels and streets of Ottawa. I just visited Kingston, Ontario, and everyone I met and talked to seemed happy with their job, wanted to talk, helped me whenever possible, and was happy. If you can figure a way to somehow bottle this positive energy and make it part of the goodie bag for participants.

    3. Get some of your local students to talk to people at a hospitality center.
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    Nov 11 2013: That's a great tip, thanks!

    Yeah, my partners and I have the same kind of strong work ethic. I think the team is pretty strong in terms of hard workers! And that's true, I should get in touch with another organizer in town. I might just do that.

    Thanks for the reply!
  • Nov 11 2013: First, take care of your team, you should select smart, hard-worker and committed people. Think about the speakers, try to choose a unique ones who really have something good to share. Try to ask a near TEDx organizers.
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    Oct 18 2013: Have one dedicated timer to keep everything on schedule.
    Another dedicated helper to walk around the audience with a mic. for asking questions/ collect people's questions on a piece of paper.
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    Oct 17 2013: My suggestion is to try and reach other TEDx organizers by emailing them through the TED might get quicker replies.

    If you click on the link above TEDx Events, you can access all the events, along with the coordinators.
    For example, here is the one in Spain.....notice the name and picture of the coordinator.......along with a way of emailing her.

    Perhaps going back to some past TEDx event organizers might yield wonderful suggestions......

    "To know the road ahead, ask those coming back"

    All the best to you!!!

    Mary ♥ (maybe one day I'll get to attend a TED event myself)