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My Idea is to add a marker to medications even at the atomic level that can be picked up by a scanner

My Idea is to add a marker even at the atomic level that can be picked up by a scanner.The progress of the medication could then be tracked throughout the body.Very useful for many medications particularly those that affect the brain.

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    Oct 21 2013: To whomever it may concern, I am no longer participating in this discussion.Please don't attempt to contact me. The idea is open for development by everyone and anyone.If it wasn't patented on the first day and you actually think it may be viable, then I suggest you go for it.....thanks Greg
  • Oct 19 2013: Is it possible for you to add an antibody (of a specific purpose) to the drug molecule, and encapsulate the "drug" with nanoparticles (ferromagnetic)? A scanner can send a signal and receive a specific signal that is only received by nanoparitcles.

    The antibody allows the drug molecule to bind to the are of interest.
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      Oct 19 2013: My basic concept is to add a marker at the atomic/nano scale to the drug molecule and track them in real time, negating the need for radioactive materials. I put the idea out there for anyone to take further.There are plenty of people out there that can take the new concept much further than I can.In fact your question is exactly what I sought and intended by posting this on TED,I sense you have a much higher IQ than me and and I have fired your imagination, so go forth and take it further! I'll leave this discussion now and comment no further, however will just check back to see If people like you have discussed the concept and applied real world science possibilities to it. Thanks.
  • Oct 16 2013: Always Shouldn't this be discretioinary
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      Oct 16 2013: If you mean should the technology be an opt in rather than standard practice,then yes of course.
      • Oct 16 2013: Okay But I was also thinking of something being lightly radioactive.
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          Oct 16 2013: Actually I was thinking about a benign substance, both the nano marker and the binding agent would have to have a short half life and dissolve without adverse effects. I was pondering the use of stealth materials, why not design a material that gives off a very large radar signature relative to it's size instead. Perhaps something that mimics a ferrous metal perhaps.And rather than using radio isotopes, use a medical version of ground penetrating radar. Negating the need for radioactive agents.This is the point where my summary of my idea ends and serious science and big money takes over. However just putting my ideas out there for discussion.:)
      • Oct 16 2013: Okay this is new.
  • Oct 15 2013: I'm pretty sure they already do something similar. Its been pretty widely adopted, even.
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      Oct 15 2013: And there was me thinking my epiphany was an original idea? Haven't seen it before, got a link? I thought we would all be stood in front of a scanner at the doctors if it was already widely adopted.
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        Its used mostly for imaging, not to make sure the medicine spreads throughout the body (which your average medicine does just fine on its own without any intervention). Radiation dosage isn't even all that bad.
        Certain MRI and CT scans can produce similar results through the injection of various materials into the blood stream.
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          Oct 15 2013: Yes I know, but it is not the same concept. I'm talking about adding nano markers at a nano scale to the medication compounds or substances themselves, and being able to track them in real time. Maybe Jassen and Pfizer already use the technology but haven't told us. On a lighter note I'm a serial discovery channel viewer and would have seen it lol. I'm sure such a technology would attract widespread press coverage.Imagine being able to see the movement and concentrations of anti-psychotics in the brain or cancer drugs in real time? It would require a benign substance that naturally degrades that is suitable for returning an accurate signature for a scanner. I envisage a visual output in real time.