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The Reality Room How to Debunk Illusions (from shadows)

Illusions or 'mysterious appearances' continue to go viral on the Internet and I can imagine how many will be duped into believing these 'miracles'. Here is one way to disprove those. I have not done this experiment yet I'm definitely sure it will work. If you are a scientific researcher or hobbyist, do this:

Create a room with one color and even walls. It doesn't have to be a real room. A big 7x7 feet box will do. Don't put anything in it except a single source of light -- a simple lamp will do. Then dare a scientific investigator to search for any 'mysterious appearance' for as long as he wants to. Make a bet he wouldn't find any (just joking).

Why am I so sure about this? Because most illusions come from shadows (some from simple stains). Plato's Cave which is the best illustration of perception and illusion was made possible because light and shadows were involved. But Plato's Cave is about perception and I am not disproving it with this article.


Closing Statement from Poch Peralta

This is not about how my idea has evolved or been shaped but since the Idea is almost similar to mine, I cite it:
J.J. Abrams creates an actual mystery box

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    Nov 13 2013: Everything conceivable is real, or we couldn't conceive it.
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      Nov 14 2013: 'What the mind can conceive, the body could achieve' the optimists preach.
      There are many strong illustrations proving that. But Hitler gambled Germany
      with his concept of 'the superiority of Aryan or German race and lost --
      probably nearly won too. He sacrificed and massacred millions of people
      trying to prove his concept right.
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        Nov 14 2013: Perhaps it was the stronger beliefs of others that defeated Hitler, and it's also likely that many of Hitler's' followers' were less than enthusiastic about these atrocious massacres.
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          Nov 14 2013: Excellent analysis Don. I think you could declare those 2 points as facts.
          I like to paraphrase the first as ' stronger concepts of others'.

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