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Internet being the information highway that it is, how could we make the content we find on it legitimate and genuine facts.

In the free world of information sharing, can the Internet be a reliable source of information ever? How will the Internet be a true version of the truth? Could there be a code of conduct on the Internet to sift junk and make the Internet a highway of reliable, trustworthy information?

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    Oct 16 2013: It is the user's responsibility to filter information. It's rather easy. Some websites offer information that is either peer reviewed or validated some other way. Take information from any source with a grain of salt. Always find multiple sources to validate the information you are using.

    A code of conduct would be difficult to implement. How would we enforce it? The internet does offer great sources of factual information. However, you will always have to be mindful of invalid data. This isn't just a problem for internet users. Talk to enough people in person and you can receive the same amount of misinformation.

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