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Internet being the information highway that it is, how could we make the content we find on it legitimate and genuine facts.

In the free world of information sharing, can the Internet be a reliable source of information ever? How will the Internet be a true version of the truth? Could there be a code of conduct on the Internet to sift junk and make the Internet a highway of reliable, trustworthy information?

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    Oct 15 2013: seems important not to only rely on the internet, to ask questions, read newspapers, go to arts and culture events, talk to your friends about different issues and events

    true the internet allows you to publish a lot of different things, but there are checks on that, for instance on many news stories there is also a chance for people who read the story to comment and perhaps some will disagree with the story
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      Oct 15 2013: Mmmm ... reading newspapers is not always the best way to get to the truth of a matter, especially as transnational corporations (TNC's) control the media and many of these news sources are very biased, having their own political, economic and social agenda's. It increasingly seems to me that they (TNC media outlets) report on what they think we should know, and report it from their perspective. Fortunately in the UK we have a couple of news sources which are seemingly independent, which I do read, but in recent years like many others I have become somewhat cynical and generally cross-check everything I read in the mass media press. In fact these days I cross check everything.
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        Oct 17 2013: Well, anything I read I try to check against my own experience to see if it seems plausible and logical. Also check it against what I think of as "common sense." I suppose I prioritize, some things it is more important to be certain they are true than other things. So many things I only hear from one source, I'm inclined to believe they're true enough while keeping some doubt, but I might not check further, other things I might go to great effort to learn if they're true or not, checking against multiple sources, asking authorities, etc. Are you this way, Anna?

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