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Business Intelligence, Tools and Process Specialist, Witwatersrand University

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Internet being the information highway that it is, how could we make the content we find on it legitimate and genuine facts.

In the free world of information sharing, can the Internet be a reliable source of information ever? How will the Internet be a true version of the truth? Could there be a code of conduct on the Internet to sift junk and make the Internet a highway of reliable, trustworthy information?

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    Oct 15 2013: Internet is not fundamentally different from any other source of information: you get genuine facts and some not so genuine, and you are more likely to access trustworthy information if you select it and pay for it, because great info quality often involves an expert or a professional systematically checking contents and analysing them in depth.

    As long as everyone can write what they want on the internet you’ll always get different levels of quality. As other contributors said below, users just have to learn to recognize which are the reliable, ‘peer reviewed’ sources. On many websites the thumbs-up/thumbs-down systems allows the community to collectively ‘sift some kind of junk’ (does not solve the issue of manipulation though).

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