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What should be the focus of human progress and achievement?

I study Media and Communication studies and am fascinated by how the new age of advertisements and consumerism have affected human beings. That being said, should we allow ourselves to live in the fake worlds we create or should we be spending more time and energy on advancing our species?

Please share your thoughts, I have thought about this for a very long time and find any opinion interesting and informative.


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    Oct 15 2013: "FOCUS" for entire human civilization ?
    or As an individual human being ?
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      Oct 15 2013: Human civilization.

      An individual's sense of progress and achievement are unique to whatever they value. So what should we as society value? Should we strive for comfort or creative innovation?

      I believe that the growing rate of cynicism and apathy in society is a direct result of advertisements and consumerist ideologies. From a young age we get bombarded with messages saying we aren't good enough physically, mentally, socially etc. unless we have a certain product. Once we learn that 'being gullible is bad' we put up a defense until 'we are sold on it'. While being cynical is not inherently bad, the reasons for cynicism today don't serve a very constructive purpose.
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        Oct 16 2013: So far there is no unified identity for the entire human civilization. So having unified identity can be the first goal to focus.

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