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Can you share the best content you found for your kids: books, music, films, games, toys, apps, etc.

I think that parental presence and focus is the most fundamental aspect of education, but I also consider the need of good content to share, promote debate, cultivate taste, etc.
I would love to hear what the TED community feeds their kids. (I don’t care about the language)
I have two daughters and I’m struggling to find content for them. (we have a large screen but no TV)

I don’t want:
Pro Consumerism

I want:
(things I can enjoy with them)



PS I'll share my current list as a post
PS2 my daughters are 1month old and 2 years old, but I the question is open to any age


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  • Jul 7 2011: Julian, I am the mother of a 9 year old. i had a set of philosophy when she was a baby but i changed all that as she grew up and i started seeing where her interests were. for instance the chances of classical music went out the window in utero when she would kick me constantly if i turned on classical music. rock music and a few kicks here and there. as a baby she showed by crying what her favourite music was.

    i have felt leading a lifestyle which kinda totes my own lifestyle has really helped her be who she is. which means she was on the computer at 3 months old pounding on the keyboard as i worked from home. she watched movies as i watched movies. she watched commercials. in the newspaper box she saw pictures of guns.

    i protected her a little bit, but not a lot. living in a bubble has not been a good thing for her. she is a social curious child. watching ninja turtle at 4 she asked 'well if we kill the bad guys how are we different from them?" seeing a commercial for foundation for beautiful skin at 4 she asked me 'but what's the point of putting that on ma? its only temporary. and what's wrong with your skin mama? i think you look beautiful as you are." our children are far wiser than we think they are.

    so dont change your world to suit your children. that is the biggest disservice you could do them. welcome them into your world and show them what your world looks like.

    the most important is empty your mind and what you want for your babies. listen and watch what they want. that's when i discovered my daughter loved rhyme and i read them to her from all sources even if they werent quite child proof like Ogden Nash. i tried good messages, she would have none. she wanted mystery and adventure even at 2.

    and yes - my child NEVER got into legos. but she crawled over to the cat food tins and those were her blocks and legos.

    skip the books sometimes. tell stories. stories of you as a child, family. that is history and something they always love hearing.

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