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Will our lives ever be stress free?

The complicated system we have evolved into, the problems and challenges we have introduced, the pollution and population explosion - is that how it is meant to be ? Is that the direction which we will ever head to, in line with the ever increasing entropy equations? Why is it that this "struggle" for survival that became the deciding factor, according to Darwin? Why didn't it be something much more beautiful and stress free that pushed the world forward.


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  • Oct 18 2013: It's impossible for our lives to be stress free.

    It depends on the individual's life experience and character to be feeling stressed over a matter.
    For example, some may feel so stressed over their exams because the grades determine your future so, and even lead to their depression but people like me just simply don't give a damn.
    Especially children, they feel stressed even over something that we (general society) consider significantly minor like their ice cream falling onto the ground.

    It is normal to feel stress and it is okay.
    Everything is life is not necessarily connotated negatively or positively. Even if there is something that most of us define it as absolute good/bad, there will always be someone to refute it eh?
    Whether you harness it to your advantage or let it be your downfall, that is then up to you.

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