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Are colleges needed?

As a student in college I find myself constantly asking myself why I am actually here. I sit in classes I dont want to take, to learn things I will be re-taught when I enter the workforce, to get a degree that may not get me a job. I understand the value of education but why must people go to learn in a classroom where they could learn in practice.


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  • Oct 16 2013: It's a pity that it's still often the necessary ticket to the game, and even when its not, it can determine your income level. Of course for some fields, such as medicine its a necessary ticket.

    For those fields where skill and experience is the only criteria that determine effectiveness and value, college is not necessary. Even in 1987 when I started university I knew more about software development when I entered than when I left, and spending those years actually writing code and working in the industry would have been years better spent.

    Sadly the corporate world still values degrees, and until that changes, they may still be necessary to get a job and get paid fair value.
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      • Oct 18 2013: Good question, and it depends. If you get a medical degree, then a LOT. If you get an arts degree then probably nothing. And every value in between.

        The challenge is there is great value in an education, but an education and a degree are not necessarily the same thing.

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