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Are colleges needed?

As a student in college I find myself constantly asking myself why I am actually here. I sit in classes I dont want to take, to learn things I will be re-taught when I enter the workforce, to get a degree that may not get me a job. I understand the value of education but why must people go to learn in a classroom where they could learn in practice.


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    Oct 15 2013: Paul,
    I believe formal education is needed and desired by many people, and it is not for everyone. I personally have learned much more from traveling to different cultures, volunteering with several different social service agencies, and serving on planning/governing boards, then I ever learned in a classroom.

    You say you are sitting in classes you don't want to take, and do not feel very confident that the degree you seek will support your entrance into the work force. You are taking courses in business administration, and the information in your profile suggests that you are more of an explorer of life and maybe learn more with hands on experiences?

    Perhaps it is time for you to evaluate your goals? Your profile says you want to work with people.....how about doing some volunteer work in areas that you think might interest you? It might provide a little guidance to help you recognize a path that might be more enjoyable and suited to you?

    Even if you decide to change directions, education is always a valuable tool which prepares us for the rest of our life adventure.

    Welcome to TED conversations:>)

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