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Are colleges needed?

As a student in college I find myself constantly asking myself why I am actually here. I sit in classes I dont want to take, to learn things I will be re-taught when I enter the workforce, to get a degree that may not get me a job. I understand the value of education but why must people go to learn in a classroom where they could learn in practice.


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    Oct 15 2013: During a reduction in force (RIF) a Captain was told if he did not get a degree within a year he would be reduced in rank to finish his commitment. He went to the local college and the courses need to complete his degree which included ceramics .... two years later the space program begin and relied heavily on ceramics .. he became in demand and was promoted up the ladder.

    The point is that all of those courses you had to take may make a difference in your life. Literature / English may not seem important ... but a scientist that cannot convey his findings through written or oral means cannot be of success even though he is at the top of his game.

    College is not for everyone ... there are great technical schools available. For years we were taught that the road to success is only though college.

    You are correct that academics as a rule do not provide you with the practical applications you will be taught on the job. In the hiring process a Masters degree (with no experience) is only equal to one years experience.

    I suggest that you stick it out and then use the knowledge after entering the work force to help others who have the same concerns that you express.

    Good Luck. Bob.

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