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What ingredients are necessary to help nurture, build and shape our dreams and goals?

I believe that our influences from family, friends, teachers, mentors, media and life experiences plays a significant role in the very trajectory of our lives in what we actually believe and pursue daily.


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    Oct 20 2013: This is an except from the comment I made in August on Paul McCarthy's Ted subject Talent Pools Bing Robbed:

    Case in point. In the 1800's there was a young lad whose family income allowed him the freedom to roam far and wide through the countryside endlessly observing and being fascinated by all the wonders of Nature that he encountered. But there came a time when his father insisted he stop his "frivolous" wanderings, be responsible, go to college and become either a doctor like dad or a religious scholar.

    At college the lad shone in his botany classes and was recommended for a position as the onboard Naturalist for a voyage to some pacific islands. The boat was the Beagle, the islands were the Galapagos' and the lad was Charles Darwin.

    Who could argue that the freedom and opportunity Darwin enjoyed as a youth to explore the countryside as often as he wished helped lay the foundation for his later works and evolutionary - pun intended - discoveries? Or that the mentoring of his botanist grandfather and college professors lead to his being on the Beagle when the ship was laid up in a south American port for repair? Or the synchronicity of Darwin seeking out some refreshments at a local tavern where he soon found himself being regaled by a local of islands with all kinds of similar but different looking birds and animals, the Galapagos Islands.

    In other words, what if we simply invested in humanity's innate intelligence and adequately supply the money, freedom, knowledge, resources, and opportunities to our students that would allow them to find their own way of contributing and participating, what wonders then might they manifest?
    • Oct 20 2013: Thank you William! What wonders might manifest indeed....

      This is fantastic.

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