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Is consumerism a threat for our planet?

I really think consumerism a more serious problem than terrorism,global warming and polution,for the main fact that the mainkind is not aware of this problem. Think about our electronic devices ,we change them imediatly they have a little damage,we never think in replace the broke part we simply replace the device.


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  • Oct 16 2013: Do you think that the current problem on Earth is due to the "consumerism" but not the over-population? Of course, like Mike said there could not be 100% green energy or 100% recycling, UNLESS YOU COULD REMAKE THE HUMAN NATURE OF GREED AND SELFISHNESS. In other words, realistically your UTOPIA CONCEPT CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED WHEN EITHER WE REDUCE THE POPULATION SIZE, OR CHANGE THE DNA OF ALL THE PEOPLE, ON EARTH.
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      Oct 17 2013: Do you think that changing the DNA could change a human's behavior?
      Am I understanding you correctly?
      • Oct 17 2013: I don't promise that change of human DNA will definitely eliminate all the greed and selfishness, but do believe that substantial changes may be made to improve on such behavior.
        I also understand that certain bad behavior might even pop up when a group of mammals are pressed into extremely crowded conditions. In other words, part of the undesirable psychological effect could be modified even without the change in DNAs. Or maybe the crowding conditions are the very factors leading to the mutation in the gene/DNA to become more undesirable; detrimental to the survival of humans on earth.
        For example, do you agree about the fact that Islamic terrorists from the Mid East impose some kind of psychological pressure or mental stress on us, compared with the world situation 500 years ago? This effect of crowding seems rather subtle. However, it's more pronounced due to the tremendous development of transportation, communication and the killing power of weaponry among the people on earth in recent years.
        Whatever the word "consumerism" means to certain people, it is just the manifestation of the human behavior which, at least, is partially derived from the genes/DNAs.
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      Oct 19 2013: Scarcity is a myth. We are conned.

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