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Is consumerism a threat for our planet?

I really think consumerism a more serious problem than terrorism,global warming and polution,for the main fact that the mainkind is not aware of this problem. Think about our electronic devices ,we change them imediatly they have a little damage,we never think in replace the broke part we simply replace the device.


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    Oct 18 2013: I tried hard to see your point here but when you made the comparison of the terrorist and the consumer I had this picture in my head of a guy shooting at me and blowing up the building I am in. Then I saw a picture of a guy buying a cell phone at wal mart. The after much thought I found it hard to think the cell phone buyer was a greater threat.

    Forgive me but I, like Kris, think this is a buzz word ... Scare tactics, blame, guilt ... tools of the far left. It only works if the opposition does not have the capacity to think.

    We went through all of this with the hippies in the 60's ... now they are called green people and followers of the God Gore. Didn't buy it then .... don't buy it now.

    Good luck. Bob.
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      Oct 19 2013: I think the hippies and green people were right. How on Earth have you come to the conclusion that terrorism is a bigger threat than ill-managed consumerism?

      Robert, the biggest killer in America is cholesterol. I´m talking cheddar cheese. But did we see George Bush declare war on cheddar cheese? It wouldn´t have been very scary, would it. Plunging aeroplanes into NY did the trick just fine though.

      Statistically, in America you are more likely to win the lottery than fall victim to terrorism. That´s 14 million to one.

      Meanwhile the corruption that sits behind our consumerism is devastating economies, exploiting the planet´s resources, wasting anything it touches and kills millions around the world.

      Your cell phone.... Where do you think the minerals came from to build that thing? Most of Apple's resources are sucked out of the ground in the Congo. The Congo is probably the most natural resource rich place in the world. It is pillaged by the first world. Millions of people have died across the region as a result of the chaos brought about by our governments who deliberately designed civil war so that they keep sweep in a bleed it dry.

      Kris doesn´t think that the word "consumerism" has any real meaning because he thinks that providing as much choice to the consumer as possible is the whole point of aiming for a free market economy in the first place. That´s our whole system. Consumerism is just a small part of a massive picture. It comes at a hell of a price.

      Consumerism is part of the problem. It is obviously the structure that provides us with our goods that is the big picture. Our economic and political managers are corrupt as hell and hold green technology (far more efficient technology) back, as well as keeping us in perpetual debt that is mathematically impossible to pay back. Real abundance is at our finger tips, but we are kept ignorant and distracted in the name of freedom and terrorism.
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        Oct 19 2013: Tom .... you were born to late .... you would have been a great hippie .... I still see the guy killing me because of my skin color and my religion is the greater personal threat ...

        You speak of looting, pillaging, etc .. most of that is done by governments and taken advantage of by cronies and contributors ... the one thing that all parties have in common. This could not take place without government consent both ours and theirs. The key to wealth ... buy low .. sell high. This is a congressional perk ... Nancy Polosi before casting her vote on Visa Card policy bought a large block of shares and made millions off of her vote. I consider her a greater threat to me than consumerism. Lets pass Obamacare and then we will read it .... yep she is a real threat.

        See Ya. Bob.

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