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To use solar heat and pressure at low ocean depths to create an oversized heron's fountain.

For those of you who don't know what the heron's fountain is, it was the first illusion of a perpetual motion mechanism (PMM) and it came nearly 3 millenia ago! You can just google it up, its nothing difficult to understand. But it started me thinking, what if the fountain could be made perpetual(not PMM though)? We can use that fountain to run a turbine and its gonna be as clean an energy source as any. All you need to do is raise water through a height. But does it have sufficient power to be a useful energy source, you ask? It does if you are talking about using pressures at ocean depths of about 2-3 kms where the pressure is about 20-30 atm. You can use the sun to work against this pressure. Ordinarily the sun is not an option due to its weak intensity and large area requirements. But here we are talking about 66% of the earth's cover (Oceans). Any one who thinks they can make a fountain or a similar hydraulic turbine using these two sources is welcome to suggest here!


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    Oct 16 2013: .

    Biologically, yes!
    It is symbiosis:
    , parenting (primary symbiosis),
    . marriage (primary symbiosis),
    . friends (secondary symbiosis),
    . ....

    Otherwise, no!

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