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Beyond encryption for Big Data. Encryption is no longer secure. What is the the new way to protect data?

Big Data is very powerful. Analysis of massive amounts of data provides companies the power to identify trends and improve business. Big data is scalable and has superior performance. However companies are now faced with the obstacle of compliance and security regulations that had not been considered before. In addition, the data environment used today must adapt to the ever-changing data security landscape in the future. Now is the time to bridge the gap between security regulations, privacy and compliance, yet still be able to provide powerful analysis and data insight to achieve the power behind a big data environment.


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    Oct 16 2013: Perhaps if the data was only available in a usable state momentarily as it is computed, then reverted to an unusable state, again within milliseconds, In a fluid manner, and each request would be encrypted from billions of combinations, each request being unique,rather than classic static cloud or hard drive storage. For websites, the front user end would be visual frame, but the data behind it would only exist momentarily as the user requested it then reverted to an unusable state again, each time the data encryption would be unique from billions of combinations and only exist for that user momentarily......Sorry just an idea not an encryption expert :)

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