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What are humanity's longterm goals?

What do we want to be 50 or 100 years ahead?
And what happens with human motivations if we achieve a level of technology where there is no more basic needs restrictions?

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    Oct 15 2013: To be humane's my opinion ..
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    Oct 16 2013: To survive as a species.
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    Lejan .

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    Oct 15 2013: There aren't any, unfortunately.
  • Oct 28 2013: Regardless of the advances, human beings will still strive toward one thing: Self Interest.
  • Oct 28 2013: I think the correct question to ask is:
    What are the longterm goals of those ruling humanity?
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    Oct 23 2013: To Keep the Humanity "Survive" its a tough Competition Out there!!
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    Oct 23 2013: .

    To keep our DNA alive.
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    Oct 18 2013: Stated goals or actual goals? Big difference...
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    Oct 18 2013: It will be the same as it always has to migrate when we get over populated. or environmental changes or lack of resources. But to where?
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      Oct 23 2013: .

      No where to migrate!
      We have to keep the optimal population by quitting invalid (harmful) happiness.
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        Oct 23 2013: what about mars its unpopulated as far as we know
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          Oct 24 2013: .

          It is too uncomfortable to live there than
          quit "invalid (harmful) happiness" here.
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        Oct 24 2013: But it may be that (harmful) happiness that forces us there? pioneers settling new lands did away with short term comforts for a chance of a better life. how uncomfortable is earth going to be in the future?
  • Oct 18 2013: Unfortunately to make money and it is not working out to well.
    "Humans need another goal"- Keith W Henline
  • Oct 17 2013: We are not in charge, so we have no goals.

    Our technology is many times more advanced then even 50 years ago, but it has not made us better human beings. It has enabled us to kill more people than we could before, and also help more people than we could before.

    But no one will ever get out of here alive, ever :) Because that's not why we are here. Every fetus is in the womb to develop their body for this world. Every human being is here to develop their spirit for the next world.

    Millions of people have had a NDE which indicated to them there is more to life than this realm.
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    Oct 17 2013: Earth&Man
  • Oct 16 2013: Let´s talk about the future.If someday we conquer gravity, ilness and death.We won´t need manual work anymore(robots will do that).we also can find a sustainable way of life and spreed our species across some planets.
    Even our most deep desires (sex, adventure, etc..) will be fulfilled by some amazing virtual reality.
    I believe it will happen in some countries first, but i m not sure if it will spreed all around the world.

    But them what????This is my question!
    I really believe that a large amount of our population would live like vegetables plugged in a virtual reality.And this is something that bothers me.
    Ours motivations (sex, hunger, power, learning, playing, love, surviving, etc..) will disappear or will be changed by a virtual one?
    Witch motivation will survive? Probably the desire of power over other people or countries and the survival instinct.
    Off course there is always some asteroid,artificial intelligence revolution, etc.., that could change this predictions.
    And I am not sure if i like this future.
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    Oct 16 2013: To conquer the last frontier, gravity.