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If terrorism and WMD are such a threat, what are the causes?

Terrorism is the "greatest threat of the 21st century". But only according to the US, the UK, and Israel.in media, news, we hear the word "terrorism" many times almost every day.
Nobody has benefitted more from terrorism than the US, the UK, and Israel. They use terrorism as an excuse to change the law, giving more power to the authorities and withdrawing freedoms from the people. They use terrorism as an excuse to attack and conquer foreign lands. They exploit our fear to win support.
by the wuy next time you leave your house, beware, because crossing the road is many hundreds of thousands of times more of a threat to your life than terrorism.


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    Oct 15 2013: Exactly! You got it right!

    It takes one look on how many people die in car accidents in those countries compared to terrorist attacks, and how much budget is spent on 'anti terror programs' and 'street safety'.

    Its a perfect example of mis-perception, real concerns and real agendas.
    • Oct 16 2013: how can we avoid that?????
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        Oct 16 2013: By education, reasoning and public discussion.

        The current 'fear propaganda' didn't happen for no reason and the 'war on terrorism' was needed to fill the gap of the cold war threat, which, by the fall of the Soviet Union, simply disappeared.

        It is easier for any authority to rule a fearful majority, and if there is no obvious threat, it gets 'invented'.

        To avoid that, the change of perspective got to happen from the bottom up, as it is not expected that the media nor authority has any interest for a top down approach. On the contrary.

        To me it doesn't make any difference, if a family dies in an terrorist attack or by a drunken driver, as both was unnecessary in the first place. And the differences in 'intention' becomes irrelevant the moment you compare statistical numbers.

        The question got to be what risks is a society willing to accept and what is done to reduce them.

        This discussion has to happen in between the people of which you are part as well. Inform your friends, confront them with with this question, give them comparative data, so that they come to see whats going on. Only this way the 'internal pressure' within a society rises high enough when it comes about the 'reduction of personal freedom' for the sake to fight terrorism and it will become more and more difficult for a ruling authority to get away with 'classified information' about a vague threat.

        It also helps to study the basic principles of asymmetric warfare to get to see the absurdity and the dangers for freedom of the chosen approach. Make it public, spread the word.

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