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Is there any way to be educated and still creative?

While watching these 2 talks I've recognized that that there's negative correlation between education and creativity.What people can do in order to make it positive?


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  • EUN J

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    Oct 16 2013: I am partially agree with that to be educated might do harm to be creative, but I believe we can overcome with little changes. So far education has been focused on what to teach and when to deliver it to kids. Those shallow delivery can make children clever but not wise. It can make them knowledgable but not creative.
    My point is now education need to concentrate on HOW. How can we teach history? How can we teach the relation between one individual and a society? How can we explain why we need media? And for what? The role of education needs to be focused on Good question more than good answer. We should be careful not to underestimate our kids. They are so much creative and imaginative, naturally. Through good questions, students can get a precious opportunity to looking for their own answer, and I believe it can water their inborn creativity.

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