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Is it part of human nature to have a hierarchy?

This question was mainly inspired by my history class. We were going over some Russian Marxists, and I thought it was interesting that even a communist regime will have a leader. This brought up the question, "Is it natural for humans to have a leader?" I thought about any organization and realized they all have a decently-defined hierarchy. I also thought about our cavemen ancestors and the sort of familial hierarchy with the father as the provider of food and safety (I haven't really studied anthropology, so tell me if I'm incorrect).

Feel free to ask clarifying questions, and I am looking forward to your responses!


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  • Oct 20 2013: Hierarchy is part of society's nature. The sole concept of social structure implies and requires hierarchy. Hierarchy is not exclusive of humans, any living organism capable of organize into a society will develop a hierarchy, just take a look at animal world and realize every social animal from ants to lions have developed a system of hierarchies. It is society itself who forces hierarchy upon individuals even if they don't want, leaders arise more due to social pressure than because of their own will.

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