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Is it part of human nature to have a hierarchy?

This question was mainly inspired by my history class. We were going over some Russian Marxists, and I thought it was interesting that even a communist regime will have a leader. This brought up the question, "Is it natural for humans to have a leader?" I thought about any organization and realized they all have a decently-defined hierarchy. I also thought about our cavemen ancestors and the sort of familial hierarchy with the father as the provider of food and safety (I haven't really studied anthropology, so tell me if I'm incorrect).

Feel free to ask clarifying questions, and I am looking forward to your responses!


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    Oct 18 2013: How tall are you, and what's the circumference of your biceps?
    • Oct 19 2013: Hey,Man,are you drunk? what do you mean?
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        Oct 19 2013: I was pointing out that hierarchies started with the physically stronger powering over the weaker; and they still do.
        Leaders in the animal kingdom emerge from a simple contest of who is the stronger; and originally in the human kingdom likewise.
        Europe's royal families originated from those strong-arm guys who grabbed land from weaker people and then instigated a legal frame-work, backed up by military force, to keep those people from taking their land back.
        Nowadays, the ultimate recourse of leaders is still physical force; done via the police or military (for example) to break up protests by the people.
        • Oct 19 2013: Its still very much true today, and always will be.

          Hierarchies allow for greater levels of organization and cooperation, and are the only way of instilling rapid and/or secret decision making. In short, requirements of waging war--there's a reason military and paramilitary groups have extremely strict hierarchical structures (so rigid that peacetime efficiency is usually adversely affected).

          Any non hierarchical group will be at a tremendous disadvantage in an armed conflict. In other words, it won't last very long--there are always vultures circling above, looking for easy prey.

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