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what makes you think you're not dreaming right now?

as you read my question here on TED conversations, you're pretty sure you're not dreaming, right? What makes you think so?


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    Oct 28 2013: no i do not believe so. By lucid dreaming what exactly do you mean, "life like" , symbolic,,,?
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      Oct 29 2013: hi, mary. No, a lucid dream is one where the dreamer realizes they are dreaming while they are dreaming. For example, a friend of mine used to have dreams where a group of guys were going to beat him up, and he'd say to them "You can't hurt me, I know this is a dream."
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        Oct 30 2013: Greg thank you for taking the time to reply. You have give me reason to ponder. I don't think my dreams are lucid but, there is always a recurring theme (for lack of a better word). I do see myself as a participant but, not sure my voice,thoughts are heard? How does one dream with lucidity?

        I find this all so fascinating for I am drawn to the subject matter and have read about it to include the view of science. There is much credence to your question.
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          Oct 31 2013: you participate in your dreams but you're not sure your voice or thoughts are heard by who? the other people in the dream?

          I don't know, I have never had a strong lucid dream, I would like to because I think in a lucid dream you feel emotionally better. I think I had the very beginning of a lucid dream and it felt good emotionally, but then I woke up.

          Well, it seems to me the light is a little brighter and crisper when I'm awake. But when I'm dreaming I never realize the light isn't quite as bright, it's only after I awaken that I realize the light wasn't as bright in the dream.

          There is a certain people I've read about called the Senoi, maybe in Malaysia, who really emphasize dreams, every morning at breakfast they tell each other their dreams, they might have ideas about how to have more lucid dreams.

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