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what do you do for fun?

just curious. I go to the movies (haven't owned a television for the last 30 years.) Like to sit at the kitchen table and talk with friends. Like to dance wherever I go, dance in line at the supermarket, dance while lying in bed before I go to sleep. You really don't need music to dance.


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  • Oct 15 2013: Discuss things with people, read, write, do puzzles
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      Oct 16 2013: what do you like to discuss, wayne, with what people?
      • Oct 16 2013: a lot of things - philosophy, math, physics, politics, society, aging, books we read, movies, comments made by people, etc - have a group that meets but we are very loose and people drift in and out - they are a broad spectrum of society from blue collar to phd - love the different points of view
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          Oct 18 2013: so who is this group, wayne, how did this group start, is it just a group of friends or do you perhaps get together through a library? Where do you meet?
      • Oct 18 2013: started with friends at a coffee shop and people listened and some joined in - now we have an informal mtg once a month at the coffee shop.
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          Oct 18 2013: pretty cool, wayne, how many of you are involved, perhaps you cannot sit all at one table and have to break up into more than one conversation? What's your favorite topic to talk about, and why?

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