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To what extent are Americans worried about the fact that the Federal banking system is a private institution?

Is the privatisation of the Federal bank (to 10 stake holders) part of the American capitalist dream of freedom? To what extent does the general American public attribute the national debts of the U.S to abuses by the Federal bank? Is it abuse at all or is it in fact a justifiable part of American freedom? Do Americans think that it is, for any reason at all, justifiable to put a debt on every piece of currency that enters circulation? If the Federal bank was not a private institution, what would happen to America?


Closing Statement from Tom Britton

Thanks to everyone for your input. I look forward to seeing how far the central bankers will go before the majority of the general public starts realising what is going. I suspect all of us lot will be long gone by then, if it ever happens.

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  • Oct 20 2013: Check your own resources but i used to study the Fed and its origins. My teacher in High School told me the Federal Government has the right to distribute the nations wealth and monetary system. I quickly told her that she was mistaken, the Fed(Reserve Grp) allows the American government to distribute a printed bank note at a set value. John D. Rockefeller and his group of Titans designed the Federal Reserve Banking System in the early 1900's. Jekyll Island is the supposed origin of designing Americas Finance;

    The Du Pont family (english banking and technology billionaires)
    The Rockefellers (immigrant oil and banking)
    The Kennedys (alcohol distribution, and politics)
    The Rotschilds (Richest family in the world out of EU)
    The Astor family is also on the list of millionaire early settlers.
    J.P. Morgan of course

    They seem to be bankers of Britain, US, probably the world. I know the Central Bank idea was opposed by Americans for a very long time and the early Banks were even forced to shut down. These guys are the ones who made the new, unchallenged scheme.

    I wouldn't read into it much however, Du Pont Agriculture Company is a very widespread genetic research and Farming industries in the world. They have production companies in every line of distribution you will ever think of. Rockefeller and Carnegie supplied millions to the government and JP Morgan bailed the US out of bankruptcy. I love the research topic but to be honest, the population of America does not care. They do not know many facts but will insist the wealth of America was found at the end of a rainbow.

    Plus they return a lot of money in the form of Philanthropy and Consulting Services. I think they are now intertwined with the Government 100% I dont get why nobody cares but I do.

    Ron Paul was the only Governor i have seen question the banks directly. He was like whats all this bull shit? it was reported a long time ago on many National Networks but it was immediately forgotten.
    • Gord G 50+

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      Oct 20 2013: "They do not know many facts but will insist the wealth of America was found at the end of a rainbow. "

      Great line.
      • Oct 20 2013: I am glad you think so Gord! Thanks for the the support, keep posting on ted convos. I'd like to hear more from you.
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      Oct 20 2013: The wealthy you have listed are now old money, which means the titans of industry listed are gone and their descendents are living on residuals.The new wealthy.... Gates, Buffet, Dell, The Waltons are well known even in my area, the Butts family and the Pace family are wealthy, but you don't really hear of these "wealthy" in the pejorative "wealthy" oft times described in TED comments. So, who are these undefined wealthy? Often the term bankers are alluded as the mean over reaching wealthy.... OK, let me add more overreaching wealthy that are lining their pockets at the expense of the average Americans....the UAW.... the SEIU.... the AFL-CIO.... Friends and family of high level government officials who start green companies so badly planned that are doomed to failure but recipients of Government aid. Those are the wealthy that are sucking the the life out of the American economy.
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        Oct 21 2013: Well it depends how you define residuals. What would you call 300 trillion in family fortune, left overs? Buffet and Gates are very little fish. I hope you're not paying attention to Forbes.

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